Top Five Tips For Writers

One. Connect to a healthy writing community. Writing is a solitary activity but you don’t have to do it alone. Seek out encouragement, instruction and mentoring from other writers online, through organizations, in your home town, and at conferences.

Two. Write every day. Even if it is just journal entries, the brain is a muscle, it needs to warm up and work out, not just run big races.

Three. Be realistic about the amount of time you have to write and what you hope to accomplish. If you only have an hour every Saturday to write, you won’t be able to finish a novel, but maybe a few short stories or non-fiction articles are possible

Four. Let go of the fantasy that you will start writing when you can quit your day job and write all day. Start writing right now, right this minute, pick up that pen or click on that computer. The fantasy of waiting to write until you can do it full time can become just another excuse for not pursuing you writing dream.

Five. Develop a thick skin. You will not grow as a writer if you can’t receive feedback. Remember that writer and the writer’s work are two different things. When you receive critique don’t justify and defend instead absorb the information gracious smile and then later when you are alone at the computer filter through the information choosing to incorporate whatever makes your writing better.

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