Part of a Team

My new book Guard Duty is part of a larger Love Inspired Suspense series called the Texas K-9 Unit. Each book features a separate police officer and their canine partner and of course has a romance element to it. My book had the only female officer in the series. Valerie’s K-9 partner is a Rottweiler named Lexi.

Though you can read any book separately and get a complete suspense and romance story, all the books are linked together by a big storyline which concerns a missing police dog and a crime syndicate that has taken over Sagebrush, Texas, the fictional town where the books take place.

This was my first time working on a series like this with five other authors. I had a ton of fun. Writing is by its nature a solitary activity so it was a nice change to be a part of a team.

Here are the books in the order of their release (one each month) starting in January 2013

#1, TRACKING JUSTICE by Shirlee McCoy

#2, DETECTION MISSION, by Margaret Daley

#3, GUARD DUTY by Sharon Dunn (that’s me)

#4, EXPLOSIVE SECRETS, by Valerie Hansen

#5, SCENT OF DANGER, by Terri Reed

#6, LONE STAR PROTECTOR, by Lenora Worth


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  1. Josie Walker says:

    I love this series. I really found these books by accident. I just the last book and can’t wait to get it to finish this set books. They were full of love and spiritual. I’m going your books as well. Thank you Josie walker Happy to have found your books.
    South Carolina

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