On Losing Weight

Honestly when the scale got over 200 lbs. I stopped paying attention to my weight. It was too depressing. So after a month of exercise and minor diet changes, I can only estimate what my weight loss is–somewhere between 10 and 13 lbs. And I reached my first goal–being able to fit into my size 18 jeans. Yeah!!! Victory!!! At my age and after 3 kids finding jeans that fit is a challenge. I wasn’t going to toss those jeans for anything.

How did all of this start. Having a hubby with stage 4 cancer isn’t easy. One day I decided to take a walk to work through some of the sorrow and anxiety I was feeling. I walked and walked and walked. I felt better when I got home. That lead to getting an I-pod. Walking was my chance to escape into the music. From there I got a gym membership and started seeing a personal trainer two days a week.

When I got a nice royalty check almost a year ago, I told my husband, I was going to spend $1000 on losing weight. He was very supportive of the idea. It took me this long to get the ball rolling.

The exercise helps with the depression and I have more energy. My mom died of cancer in her early fifties when I was in my twenties. I remember  being grateful that I was in grad school at the time because college gave me something to focus on that I had control over.

I have a stronger motivation than I have ever had before. I am going to be the only parent my kids have. I want to be there to see them graduate, get married, find job have grandchildren.

I can do this.





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  1. Sharon, I just read this and wanted to tell you how much I love you, and how sorry I am that Michael’s time here on earth is done. This life is a blink compared to eternity, I know. But sometimes the road just feels so long. And I know it must feel that way to you right now. I’m here. I love you. I can’t wait to see you this summer. Please bring your walking shoes and sports bra, and we’ll ride the wave of endorphins together as we plot, play and pray! Hugs to you, Sweet Sis!

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