Kindle: my review

I’ve had my Kindle since before Christmas. I’m not a technophobe. At the same time, I’m not the person who stands in a long line to get the next generation of whatever.

Given that, here is what I love/ don’t love about my Kindle.

Love. That it is take care of some of the issue of shelf space for books in our house. We are a family of readers who have a hard time parting with books. We simply cannot buy another bookcase.

Love. All the cheap and free books I have downloaded. As if my second mystery series (Bargain Hunters mysteries) didn’t reveal it, I’m a coupon clipper and deal seeker to the core. Books at bargain prices makes my heart go pitter patter.

Love. As a writer I love that e-books are giving good writers the opportunity to bypass the gatekeeper publishers and get their books directly to the reader

Not love. Although I have downloaded fiction and non-fiction, I think for me the Kindle works best for fiction, something you read all the way through. Perhaps it is just my study style, but if I read a non-fiction book for the purpose of taking notes and tearing the book apart, it seems to work best if the whole book is visually in front of me and I can flip back and forth. The Kindle has a feature for highlighting and taking notes, but that doesn’t seem to help me digest the info in a non-fiction book.

not love. The explosion of e-books is a double edged sword. Yes, some good writers can reach the readers directly, but it also means there is that much more junk out there for readers to sort through

Would I recommend the Kindle to another reader. You betcha

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2 Responses to Kindle: my review

  1. Cheryl Hodde says:

    I agree, Sharon. And love the picture of you! I’m the same kind of writer–can’t file things away or they’re gone for good unless it’s with my home accounting, and then filing is good.
    As for Kindle, same as you. I worry about the unedited writing that gets out there. I still worry about the quality of spelling and grammar, which would totally put me out of a story, but for those who don’t have a problem with it, are they being taught to dumb down their own abilities to spell and write?

  2. Wilma Walter says:

    I just finished reading Wilderness Target. Why Did Max try to kill Clarissa?
    I read the Suspense Books every month and LOVE everyone.

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