Good News

Just found out that my November release from Love Inspired, Montana Standoff was a Romantic Times Top Pick. Yeah! This is a victory in more ways than one. I wrote that book while my husband was undergoing chemo. Part of it was written in cancer center waiting rooms. There was even one night when we had to go to the ER, not for an emergency but for a routine (if anything with cancer is routine) evening treatment. I propped my laptop up on the counter and just kept writing. With hubby not working it was important for me to make my deadlines. I couldn’t not write.

The last year was hard. The chemo almost killed my hubby and we decided to discontinue it. But Michael is still with me and the kids a year after being told the cancer had spread from his bladder to his lungs and kidney. All of that is such precious victory.

Here’s what the new book looks like–9780373445615

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2 Responses to Good News

  1. Alexa Verde says:

    The victory is well deserved. I’ve read the book. It’s awesome. My heart goes out for your husband…

  2. Char Barbour says:

    I am enjoying your mysteries. Having worked in libraries for almost 30 years, I know when one is a winner! I pray that all continues to go well with you and your family. Char Barbour

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