Border Collies are borderline

His name is Bart and he is crazy…or maybe he just has lots of energy.  When we got Bart at the shelter as a eight week old puppy, the man handling the adoption explained that border collies not only have lots of physical energy but they have to use their mental energy. Bart likes to run patrol around his sheep pen (aka our house) and keep track of his sheep, which is no easy task since his sheep keep leaving the house. He’s comes close to speaking English and knows lots of words and phrases like “Get in the house” and “Cheese”.  He’s got the puppy dog eyes look down pat and knows that placing his chin on my leg and looking up at me is guarenteed to get my attention. We don’t know much about Bart. His mom and him were found abandoned in a house when he was a puppy. We don’t know if he had other brothers and sisters. Don’t know if he is purebred border collie though he certainly looks like it and acts like it. I did manage to teach him to stop nipping at my heels when I walked. Perhaps my favorite thing about him is how he seems to be tuned into the moods and emotions of everyone in the family. He knows when someone is sad or upset and he has lots of love to give and kisses to make us feel better. yes, it does take a lot of energy to keep up with him, but I can’t imagine my life without him.

                                                              Bart as a puppy with my son

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One Response to Border Collies are borderline

  1. Barb Lange says:

    We have a 5 year old border collie and he is human! He sings while my daughter plays clarinet and she has trained him to go downstairs when she gets her instrument out to practice so he won’t sing and drown her out!

    And he knows when I get the vacuum cleaner out we are getting company (I teach piano, so I am not that much of a messy!

    Have fun – he will certainly make you laugh or cry!!

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