Before and After



Beloved Michael 1955-2014 I miss you

Beloved Michael
I miss you

Two very different Before and Afters have happened in my life. One is very positive and the other unbearably sad. First, the good before and after. After seven months of work, I finally lost 75 pounds. I exercised and watched what I ate, but to be honest some of the weight loss was due to the stress of watching my husband of 26 years fade before my eyes. Posting about the weight loss feels a little bit bittersweet. I wanted to take steps to insure that I would be around for my kids and hopefully grandkids and to reduce my own chances of cancer after seeing what my hubby went through. Every morning I wake up and think “God I do not understand what you are doing here?” And so I share with you both the happy and the sorrowful.

Before, just a shade under 200 lbs


after, me at 135 lbs

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  1. K Nite says:

    First, let me say how sorry I am about your husband’s illness and passing away. There are just no words that will be of help, but I will pray for you and your children. God’s will and plan for our lives is often difficult to understand, but I trust we’ll see some sense of His working when we join Him in heaven. I just finished reading “Guard Duty” and really enjoyed it. I read it in one day and appreciate that it was a fast read, because I can’t afford too many late nights up reading! Your weight loss success gave me some hope. I need to lose 50 pounds, both for health reasons and for looking better, but can’t seem to get going. I’ve tried just about every diet, but since menopause have no success. Please pray that I can find the will to do what I need to do. Thank you.

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