Menopausal Moments: The Spice Issue

I used to be one sharp witted cookie. Honestly, I could keep the kids’ schedules and what I needed to get at the grocery store for a week’s worth of eating in my head. Didn’t need to write anything down, didn’t need to make lists.

Menopause hit and I became a space cadet. Can’t remember anything. I forget people’s names. Forget what word I’m going to say in the middle of a sentence.

Now when I go to the grocery store, I can’t remember what I have in spice cupboard. I become convinced that I am out of Thyme, so I buy some. The other day I was looking through my spices. I have like three dry mustards and three chili powders all purchased in the last six months. Nobody needs that much dry mustard. There is just not that many recipes in the world that require dry mustard.

Getting older is so much fun. Maybe it should be called Mental Pause instead of Menopause.

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Kindle: my review

I’ve had my Kindle since before Christmas. I’m not a technophobe. At the same time, I’m not the person who stands in a long line to get the next generation of whatever.

Given that, here is what I love/ don’t love about my Kindle.

Love. That it is take care of some of the issue of shelf space for books in our house. We are a family of readers who have a hard time parting with books. We simply cannot buy another bookcase.

Love. All the cheap and free books I have downloaded. As if my second mystery series (Bargain Hunters mysteries) didn’t reveal it, I’m a coupon clipper and deal seeker to the core. Books at bargain prices makes my heart go pitter patter.

Love. As a writer I love that e-books are giving good writers the opportunity to bypass the gatekeeper publishers and get their books directly to the reader

Not love. Although I have downloaded fiction and non-fiction, I think for me the Kindle works best for fiction, something you read all the way through. Perhaps it is just my study style, but if I read a non-fiction book for the purpose of taking notes and tearing the book apart, it seems to work best if the whole book is visually in front of me and I can flip back and forth. The Kindle has a feature for highlighting and taking notes, but that doesn’t seem to help me digest the info in a non-fiction book.

not love. The explosion of e-books is a double edged sword. Yes, some good writers can reach the readers directly, but it also means there is that much more junk out there for readers to sort through

Would I recommend the Kindle to another reader. You betcha

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Writing Advice Tuesday–Messy Desk, Clean Story

Despite my best efforts, I have never been an organized person, not in my home not with my writing. To me, if I can’t see it in front of me, it doesn’t exist anymore. While I have friends who build whole notebooks or computer files filled with details about their story and characters, I can’t work that way. The information either has to be in front of me or in my head. The thing that has worked the best for me to keep the details of the story organized is Post It notes plastered all over my desk. As I write rough draft, I put up Post It notes about things that I know I have to go back and change. On the next draft I take down the Post It as I make the changes. When the Post Its are all gone, I have dealt with the things I knew would be a problem. I also put up notes about character descriptions that I need to remember both physical description and biographical details. The final thing I use the notes for is words that keep coming up in the novel that I seem to spell wrong over and over. For some reason, compound words mess me up. Also, made up place names need to be recorded or I will spell them different every time.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t managed to build a whole notebook filled with story details. I have never done it that way.┬áTo me spending time cutting out pictures of my characters feels like a time waster. I know other writers thrive on that kind of prewriting exercise, so it’s all just about finding what works best for you and not feeling pressure to do things a certain way because another writer does.
happy writing

sharon dunn writing

Me at my "messy" desk, notice fav writing tool in background

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My new Romantic Suspense book

I’m so excited about my new Love Inspired book that comes out in July. The book is called Her Guardian. It’s about a young woman, Julia Randel, who was kidnapped at age 13 by a cult leader and held captive until she escaped at 20. Now she is ready to testify in a trial against the cult leader Elijah True. Her father hires a bodyguard named Gavin Shane to protect her when the threats from loyal cult members start.

Part of the inspiration from this book came from watching the news. I was facinated by the Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard cases as well as a case in Europe in which a woman was held captive in a house by her father and the neighbors never knew. I didn’t want to deal with some of the darker elements of those stories like the rape and having children by your abductor. What I wanted to explore with this book is how a women finds hope and rebuilds her life after an important part of her life has been stolen from her. Because she was taken when she thirteen my character Julia missed out normal things that happen during those years like learning to drive, first dates and first kisses, prom, graduation, going to college.

The book has a lot of action in it and of course romance. I can’t wait for it to hit the bookshelves.

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